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Zennor & The Sins of St Senara

Zennor & The Sins of St Senara

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A Gaslight Supplement for Call of Cthulhu

The village of Zennor is perched on the Cornish coast, in the Hundred of Penwith. It is a quiet place passed over by the bustle of industry that has engulfed the rest of the British Isles. Legend tells it was founded by a saint from the sea, and the church of St. Senara bears her name. Its people are famed for their singing locally. Singing so beautiful a mermaid came ashore to listen to it and married a local boy. The truth is much darker than that. Zennor is an ancient place full of secrets. Secrets that its inhabitants are willing to kill to protect.

This edition collects the separate books Zennor The Sins of St. Senara into a single volume.

A Guide to Zennor

”At Zennor one sees infinite Atlantic, all peacock-mingled colours, and the gorse is sunshine itself. Zennor is a most beautiful place: a tiny granite village nestling under high shaggy moor-hills and a big sweep of lovely sea beyond, such a lovely sea, lovelier even than the Mediterranean… It is the best place I have been in, I think.” —D.H. Lawrence

HistoryZennor has always been one of those places that history and time seem to forget and pass by, but it started as a small collection of farms in the Dark Ages. Since then, residents have managed to avoid attention and even contact with an increasingly connect world.

The Village and its Inhabitants: Detailing notable NPCs and locations in the village, from Gurnard's Head to the Zennor Quoit and even the old manor house the is perched on bluffs overlooking both village and ocean. This chapter also provides a map of the region and of the town itself.

A Guide to Zennor Parish: Beginning with how to get to Zennor Parish from more populated parts of Great Britain, the Guide to Zennor Parish provides info on lodging in the area and how to get around in the bucolic setting. 

Village and Hamlets of Zennor Parish: The churchtown of Zennor lies at the eastern edge of Zennor parish. The rest of the parish consists of scattered farmsteads and a few hamlets connected only by rutted roads. 

Fell Secrets and Forbidden Lore: Some ot the true history of Zennor, unknown to outsiders and even some of those who live here, is covered next. In addition to the expanded background, this part provides more information on two helpful NPCs, shedding light on what they know of the area that may be of interest to tourists (or investigators).

Scenario Seeds: Provides ideas for using Zennor in other eras (The Dark Ages, The Reformation, and Elizabethan Times) and fleshing out a slightly longer idea of Zennor during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Sins of St. Senara

"I had thought I had run far enough. I had throught my past behind me. Now I know one can never run far enough or fast enough. Who you are catches up to you eventually."

The wealthy Godfrey Tillinghast was happy. He married for love. And after a brief period of joy, the honeymoon ended with his wife leaving the London scene for the Royal Edinburgh Asylum. It was her nerves, you see? And she was getting better, too. She was...everyone said so. But then she drowned. Seawater, they said. In a locked room. Miles from the ocean. 

The Sins of St. Senara take investigators from London to Edinburgh and back again, before seeking answers to a mystery that began nearly a millenia ago, in the churchtown of Zennor. 


Laid out like one of the popular Victoria-era Penny Dreadfuls, the scenario is supported by handouts, maps, and introduces NPCs and one an ancient cult in Cornwall.

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