Collection: Hellboy RPG

“From Mantic Games, the makers of “Hellboy: the board game” and inspired by the visionary tales by Mike Mignola and Dark Horse comics…

Hellboy the roleplaying game gives you the opportunity to experience the rich and fascinating Hellboy lore like never before!

Powered by the world’s most popular RPG ruleset, D&D 5e, you can create your own unique B.P.R.D. Agent with amazing skills and talents.

Then prepare to face the Occult threats, investigate ancient mysteries and relive chilling tales of folklore, as you write your own one-off adventures or epic sagas set within the Hellboy universe.

Team up with legendary B.P.R.D. agents like Hellboy and Abe Sapien, and encounter infamous foes, such as Rasputin, Nimue and Baba Yaga.“