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Vis Imperium Victoriana

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Vis Imperium Victoriana
Adventures around the Globe
Version two
By Colin D Speirs aided by divers gentlefolk

Being a means by which a group of good people, of witty character might create tales of adventure in a world full of divers marvels both ancient and modern, involving exploits of heroics and mystery concerning the practitioners of the latest in scientific progress or masters of abstruse lore handed down in secret from antediluvian times.
Defy the dangers of lost cities and laugh in the faces of unsympathetic rogues in the comfort of your own parlour.
Let your imagination convey to you the sound of wolves baying in the wintry snow of the Russian steppe, the thud and roar of the carnivorous pachyderms of Sind and the
submarine vessels of the explorers of lost Atlantis, while good cheer, good drink and
plentiful vittles are to hand.
With this moderately priced pamphlet and a few easily obtainable props, the wonders of the world can be yours!