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Under A Winter's Snow

Under A Winter's Snow

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Customers are advised that contents of this book include themes of disease, infection, and contamination that may upset the reader (and players).

Under a Winter's Snow

The effects of the Great War and the 1918 Pandemic are still felt in the small town of Eisner, North Dakota, both metaphorically and literally.

A short, one-night Classic Era scenario for use with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu. This scenario may easily be transported to other locales known for cold and snowy winters, other time periods, or both, with minimal effort on the part of the Keeper.

Death & Disease in North Dakota

Sections 1-3: Introduction covers the backstory of the scenario and gives four methods of bringing investigators to the remote, snow-shrouded town of Einer, ND. It also details the core themes of the scenario, and provides suggestions on how to incporate them into the game.

Sections 4-6: Arriving in Town has the investigators arrive and begin investigating the mysterious illness that has afflicted the town's residents. These sections detail several locations and many of the residents of Eisner.

Sections 7-9: The Climax and Aftermath closes out the scenario, depending on the Investigators actions in the preceding sections.

The scenario is supported by 4 handouts, 1 map, and introduces 1 NPCs, 1 new Mythos creature, and 1 spell variant.


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