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Tomb Of The Dundel Chief -Dungeon Module GG2

Tomb Of The Dundel Chief -Dungeon Module GG2

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Dungeon Module GG2, Tomb of the Dundel Chief, is the second installment of the Sørholde saga, a planned series of eight adventures. Featuring all new and original content by TSR alumn Heidi Gygax Garland and Erik Gygax Garland.

Includes amazing original art from James V. West, Mike Wilson, Chet Minton and Jon Murakami!

The mission: A local elder dwarf has commissioned you to find the long abandoned underground tomb of the legendary Dundel Chief, Rēta Vākara. As no dwarven folk are allowed beyond the South Gate of the city of Sørholde, you have been entrusted to retrieve a long lost and priceless document that your benefactor maintains would free the dwarven folk from their obligation to maintain the city of Sørholde and reinstate the great dwarven mines of the Dundel once again.

The offer: Accept the key, find the tomb, use the key to open the vault and retrieve the deed. Return to Sørholde with the document, and not only keep all of the treasure you find in the depths of the Tomb of the Dundel Chief, but become legendary heroes in the Dundel.

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