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The Gaia Complex Core Rulebook

The Gaia Complex Core Rulebook

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The Gaia Complex is a cyberpunk roleplaying game set in New Europe: a single sprawling metropolis that covers much of what we currently know as mainland Europe. In the year 2119, New Europe is a world of street violence, espionage, vampiric uprisings and an overzealous A.I., known as Gaia, which functions as the city’s governor and the protector of its citizens.

The Gaia Complex is a game of conspiracy and brutality, where players take on the roles of Mercs; former police officers, hackers and street-savvy dealers who are hired to fight back against the system and ultimately unravel the secrets of The Gaia Complex.

This core book provides everything that players need to hit the streets of New Europe, including a detailed insight into the world and background, the complete 12.3 rules system, character creation, a huge catalogue of technology & equipment and guidance on running exciting game sessions.

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