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The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest

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- A Call of Cthulhu Scenario Set in the Modern Day


Thus Lowyatar named her offspring, Colic, Pleurisy, and Fever, Ulcer, Plague, and dread Consumption, Gout, Sterility, and Cancer. And the worst of these nine children Blind Lowyatar quickly banished, Drove away as an enchanter, To bewitch the lowland people, To engender strife and envy.
--Elias Lönnrot, Kalevala

The Dark Forest

This Modern Era softback scenario book for 7th edition Call of Cthulhu is suitable for two to six players, is investigative in nature, and takes the brave Investigators to a rural area and to a home for troubled youths. With some modification, the number of players can easily be scaled, but due to some of the settings and themes contained herein, moving it to a different era of play may take a considerable amount of work, but changing the location shouldn’t present a Keeper with any difficulties.

Some Old Ways Should Remain in the Old Country

A Horrific Crime
An Unbearable Loss
An Entity Waiting For An Opportunity...

Boys who are residents of a youth correctional facility in Upper Michigan go missing in inexplicable circumstances. The Investigators find a deeper, older mystery that has gone unresolved and which now threatens all the locals hold dear. 

Chapters 1-2: Introduction & Glossary of Finnish mythology 

Chapter 2: Keeper's Information - In which the secrets of the dark forest are passed to the Keeper of Arcane Knowledge.

Chapter 3: Involving the Investigators - Wherein the intrepid Investigators are tempted with their destiny or their doom.

Chapter 4: Hiawatha Township - The Investigators arrive at the site of the mystery.

Chapter 5: The School

Chapter 6: The Search Party - Time and fear begin to work against the Investigators.

Chapter 7: The Farm - In which the Investigators venture further afield.

Chapter 8: The Monster in the Woods - Grief is as powerful a fuel as anger.

Chapter 9: The Dark Forest - Into the heart of the primal dark roots of the world.

Chapter 10: The Cabin

Chapter 11: The Underworld

Chapter 12: Characters and Monsters - Adversaries, Enemies, Allies, & Survivors.

This scenario is supported by 1 map, 1 handout, and 7 NPCs, 5 Mythos monsters (4 new and based on the Finnish myths of the Kalevala), new rules for vertigo, and 1 Encounter Table.
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