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The Book of Contemporary Magical Things

The Book of Contemporary Magical Things

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The Book of Contemporary Magical Things is 134 pages of modern, seemingly mundane, items that are imbued with magical power. Some are quite minor; A tuning fork that will quiet a room, a pair cufflinks that tell you the name and family details of those with whom you shake hands, a set of polyhedral dice that temporarily change the fortune of the roller, but some are spectacular, or dangerously malevolent. From minor items to Earth shattering forces, these items are there for you to use as a Gamesmaster in your modern, horror, or superhero campaigns.

We've classified the magical power levels of all 119 items found within the pages of this hardback book, ranging from Mina (very minor cantrip like things) to Cosmica (items that can alter the heavens, change the alignment of planets and so on). Each entry's description also contains colour-coded text, designed to allow a GM to easily pickup on beneficial, detrimental, and just plain interesting effects from each object.

Also Included

  • A chapter on curators - groups and individuals with their own agendas for the magical things of this world.
  • A chapter on "conjuctions," - magical combinations that occur when various magical items are brought into/used in conjuction with one another.
  • Three maps showing the locations of many of the magical places found throughout the world.

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