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The Black Seal - Summer 2023 - Issue 4

The Black Seal - Summer 2023 - Issue 4

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“That is not dead which can eternal lie…”

The magazine of modern horror gaming, The Black Seal, is back from an extended suspended animation with an 80-page issue for Call of Cthulhu seventh edition.

The Black Seal #4 is an issue about the ‘persistence of life’ with six articles and scenarios related to this theme or are adjacent to it. Filling out the rest of the issue are articles about cults and lobotomies (we like to cover a lot of ground), and a report on a strange alien artefact.

Unusual Suspects: the ‘It’ Girl – Howard David Ingham describes a party girl with a dark secret.
Mythmaiden – Chloe Summerfield describes the Horned God to the Establishment.
Objet d’Mythos: Bleak Relay – Andrew Kenrick’s summary of missing Mi-Go weaponry mistaken as alien tech.
The Personality of Cults – Graeme Price’s advice on using cults better in your Call of Cthulhu game.
A Daughter For The Great God Pan – is a scenario by Giles Hill and Nick Brownlow about a super-mythos-model going off the rails. Horror and gunplay ensues.
Dangerous Places: New Carcosa – Ben Counter presents a possible ‘New Eden’ in Canada.
Slugs and Snails – Howard David Ingham’s scenario of British public school, teenage emotions and Yidhra.
Unusual Suspects: Sarah Hardcastle – Henry Reeder describes a modern-day witch-slash-business tycoon who talks to an Ancient British spirit guide.
Under the Knife: Psychosurgery – Graeme Price outlines the history, theory and practice of lobotomies, and how keepers can use them in their Call of Cthulhu games.


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