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Tales of the Crescent City - Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans

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Along the banks of a crescent bend in the lower Mississippi River lies a city like no other...

Tales of the Crescent City-Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans is a collection of scenarios and supplemental articles for 6th edition Call of Cathulhu Roleplaying Game. 

Tell Me, Have You Seen The Yellow Sign? (Golden Goblin Press edition) by Kevin Ross,

Bloodlines by C. Michael Hurst,

Needles by Daniel Harms,

The Quickening Spiral by Stuart Boon,

Song and Dance by Oscar Rios,

Five Lights of the Crossroads by Jeff Moeller,

Asylum-Return of the Yellow Sign by Kevin Ross,

Also Featuring:

Investigators Guide to 1920s New Orleans by New Orleans Mythos,

Etienne-Laurent de Marigny by Kevin Ross,

A Few Notes on the Yellow Sign and The King in Yellow by Kevin Ross.