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South Sea A Region Guide for Svilland

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Welcome to the South Sea, where life is hard, nature is harsh and the seas are challenging. In this expansion of dark and brutal setting Svilland, you will realize that the South Sea is even darker and more brutal in its own style.

This book contains new rules for naval warfare that reflect the famous viking long ships and their legendary sea battles in D&D terms, and new character options suitable for the cultures of the islands of the South Sea. Also, you will find many details about the friends and foes within the islands.

Grab your axes and give your sacrifices to the seas. In the end, Valhalla awaits!

In this supplement, you'll find

New Naval Warfare System

New Geography

Raiding and Vikingr culture

New Cults

14 new monster

New Character Options

All of these aspects are well-adapted to Norse mythology and will provide you with a grim, mystical experience of the Norse in your D&D games.