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Shadows Over Lake Geneva - A Sanguine Horror GS2

Shadows Over Lake Geneva - A Sanguine Horror GS2

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Welcome to 1948 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where post WWII America is thriving! Modern medicine, engineering and science have given us a great big beautiful tomorrow! Well, big and beautiful except for all of the monsters, fell magic, creature crime syndicates and curses. Oh, and all the things that think we are food.

A body was discovered in Oak Hill Cemetery! Yes, that is where bodies would normally be, but this fellow had previously been buried and whomever did the digging also drove a wooden stake through his heart!

Work with your fellow Agents to follow the clues, combat evil forces and save the day. You have your wits, weapons and magic of your own!

Dungeon Module GS2, A Sanguine Horror, is the second installment of the Shadows over Lake Geneva saga, a planned series of adventures featuring all new and original content by TSR alumnus Heidi Gygax Garland and Erik Gygax Garland.

Both 1E and 5E Compatable

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