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Salo's Glory

Salo's Glory

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"My name is Nikolaus Holzel, commander of the space vehicle Tryphena...We are dead or dying now...Some of us something in-between."

Salo's Glory

Set in the near-future, Salo's Glory is a short scenario for use with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu™. This scenario is suitable for three to six players and can be completed in two nights. Humanity has explored much of the Solar System and has now set its sights on the mysteries that lie beyond. 


The investigators, travelling in the Tryphena, a Galilee Heavy Industries space vehicle, have left the planets of our Solar System behind. It is here, in interstellar space, that they encounter a second, mysterious and previously unknown, Tryphena. The old Tryphena, the twin of the ship they are travelling in, is found orbiting a lone planetoid in deep space. The investigators have various mysteries to solve: what happened to the old Tryphena’s crew, what they were doing on the planetoid, and more.

The planetoid is the home of ancient and inhuman entities that desire to escape their confines. Their plans failed with the crew of the old Tryphena...they now need new victims to escape their solitary prison.

This softback scenario book is supported by 5 handouts, 7 maps (including the 5-page map of the Tryphena, new weapons, new skills and skill changes for use in outer space, 6 pre-gens, and one new Mythos creature. The scenario ends with a brief, "Further Adventures" section, providing inspiration that builds off of the events in this scenario for more near-future fun.

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