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Pathfinder Goblin Firework Fight

Pathfinder Goblin Firework Fight

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Goblins have come to the town of Sandpoint, intent upon stealing their fireworks for an upcoming festival. Do you have the goblin grit to pillage your way to victory and emerge from the town with the most fireworks?

The game is played over a number of rounds. Each round, every goblin takes a turn pulling a loot token from the town's treasure pile. These tokens might represent useful tools or valuable treasure like fireworks, dogslicers (goblin knives), or shields. Unfortunately, the tribe's most fearsome beast, a pig called Squealy Nord, is also hiding in the treasure, bringing mayhem and chaos to any who draw his token from the pile. You never know what you might get.

Fighty goblins can choose dogslicers and just steal from their neighbors instead of raiding the village. Smart goblins will take some shields to defend themselves from their peers. Crafty goblins with leadership qualities may choose instead to take the badge of leadership, the Pickle Token, signifying for all their prominence and importance as well as the right to pick first next time.

After 10 rounds and one last free for all opportunity to steal from each other on the way back home, one goblin is declared the "bestest goblin of the raid" and basks in glory and the admiration of their peers. Until the next raid...

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