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Pocket Landship: No Mans Land

Pocket Landship: No Mans Land

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Scott Czysz, the designer of Pocket Landship, has not been idle since the initial design of the game and has spent the last couple of years developing a 2 player competitive play version of the game. In this you are tasked with beating the enemy Mech together and the 'Big Bad' Enemy Base, but who will garner the most honour in the victory?


  • Rule Sheet 
  • 22 Cards: 
    • Hauler
    • S Class Tankette
    • C Class Tankette
    • Shock Troops - Instigator
    • Class Shock Troops - Terminator Class 
    • Admiral: Duke of Earle 
    • Admiral: R. Butler KBE 
    • Commander: S M McGinnis 
    • Commander: R. Corbett 
    • Commander: Laws 
    • Driver: Litzen 
    • Driver: Donald 
    • Driver: I. Alfreds 
    • Driver: T. Oddling 
    • Driver: A. DuPreez 
    • Driver: E Griffith 
    • Advantage: Encore 
    • Advantage: Defuse 
    • Advantage: Co-ordination 
    • Advantage: New Orders 
    • Commander Class Mech - Alpha 
    • Commander Class Mech - Beta
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