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Nightwalkers - Supplement

Nightwalkers - Supplement

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For those that dare to wander the lands at night they must be on their guard, for violent creatures stalk the shadows.


Bring another facet to your Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition game with this supplement and welcome the night and all its creatures. This supplement brings you expanded rules, allowing your players to create Lycanthrope and Vampire Player Characters.

Within these pages, you'll find information on character design, their social hierarchies, a selection of magick items, and rules for creating societies and cults. Sample societies, each with adventure hooks, and a couple of mini adventures round out this supplement.

Rules Supplement


Lycanthropes provides details on traditional shapechangers, with additional details for those lycanthropes commonly associated with medieval Europe: werebear, wereboar, wererat, werewolf. Information is also provided on:

  • Causes & Cures
  • Lycanthropic Breeds
  • The Transformation
  • Misconceptions & Truth
  • Changing Form at Will
  • Common Advantages & Drawbacks


Werecreature Character Generation provides rules that take precendence over the rules provided in the C&S Core Rules. Advice on role playing lycanthropes is also provided.

Vampires in C&S receive a different treatment to those in most other games in that there is a wide variety between them--no two are the same, nor should they be treated so.

  • Society & Lairs
  • Non-Human Vampires
  • Vampire Mages
  • Misconceptions & Truth
  • Common Advantages & Disadvantages

Vampire Character Generation rules in this supplement take precedence over the rules found in the main book. These rules contain several new Vampiric Powers, a new Vocation: Monster Hunter, and two new NPCs.

Magic Items details a catalogue of themed magickal items.

  • Body of Silver
  • Gaze Goggles
  • Night Mantle
  • Werebane Spear

Secret Societies covers organizations or collectives of a secretive nature, providing enough detail so that a Gamemaster can create their own. Fully detailed examples are provided:

  • The HellSong Society
  • The Roar
  • The See of Brown
  • The Embedded One's

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