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Land of the Rising Sun Core Book

Land of the Rising Sun Core Book

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For centuries, the Japanese have called their islands the Land of the Rising Sun. Set in Feudal Age Japan, this sourcebook for 5th edition of Chivalry & Sorcery features the Japan of legend, with brave samurai, stealthy ninja, crafty cat spirits, terrifying demons, awe-inspiring Kami and Buddhas, and lovely geisha. It rests comfortably between the subdual of the Ainu and before the coming of the Europeans.

Adventure and Honour in Feudal Japan

Land of the Rising Sun covers the late Classical period of Japan, through the middle of the Feudal period, circa 850–1500 CE. Character generation follows a similar path as in 5th Edition Chivalry & Sorcery, giving you and your players the tools to create characters from Samurai to Ninja.

The Magick rules draw on the Japanese elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood, while the Religion rules allow people to play Buddhist or Shinto Priests, adding other branches of religion to those found in Chivalry & Sorcery.

  • 30 New Vocations to Follow
  • 14 New Species for Characters.
  • Follow Buddhism or Shintoism.
  • Over 90 New Skills
  • Over 100 New Spells & Over 30 New Acts of Faith
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