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Intex Swim Centre Family Pool

Intex Swim Centre Family Pool

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Ready? Set? Swim!

These are not words one usually hears in the standard British garden at the height of summer. But now, with the Quick Up Pool at hand, a drop or two of Severn Trent water and a mains electricity supply, you're all set to host your own Aquatic Olympics in your very own swimming pool. Let's say that again: your very own 3 Metre swimming pool. Forget traipsing down to the local leisure centre every time the thermometer rises. Forget having to make do with a cold bath (or worse, the garden hose) and say hello to a summer of ready-made poolside frolics to the sound of Club Tropicana... Simply inflate the outer ring of the and fill. With sturdy self-supporting sides made from robust man-made fibres, this pool is in tip-top shape ready for all manner of summertime splashing action. Set the Pool in the suntrap in your garden for a touch of gentle solar heating and you're off and diving. And you'll no doubt be duly amazed at just how many friends you actually possess, for everyone loves a pool, it seems. Your challenge, then, is to see how many chums one can get in the pool at once...


The pool is 3.05m*1.83m*0.56m.

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