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Hardware 2119

Hardware 2119

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Life in 2119 is underpinned by the need for ‘stuff’. Towering advertisements force-feed the newest Dyer Arms handgun down consumer’s throats, while the latest Diekumi-Tek cyberarm flashes across the screen between televised Death-Wing races. Even Mercs operating out of NeoMunich have become slaves to the corporate gods of technology.

New Europe’s commercial world isn’t all about the high street though, with back-alley arms deals, illegal software sales and the vampire blood trade forming the basis of what is simply known as the ‘black market’.

Hardware 2119 is the first official supplement for The Gaia Complex - A Game of Flesh and Wires, and provides a detailed look at the commercial world of New Europe. This deep-dive includes a huge catalogue of cybernetics, weapons and new technology, as well as information about the corporations behind their creation. This book also provides a glimpse into the state of the black market, from arms dealers to those involved in the blood trade. This supplement is designed to be an essential companion to The Gaia Complex core book.

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