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Freyja's Tears - A Svilland Adventure

Freyja's Tears - A Svilland Adventure

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Freyja’s Tears is designed for a warband of four to six 1st-level characters. It is a 5e Adventure that begins in a small town and ends in the darkest pits of Helheim. By the end of the adventure, the characters should be 20th level.

As the adventure takes place in a brutal Norse setting, it contains graphic and gory components which may not be suitable for all players. The game is meant for mature audiences, and includes graphic scenes ranging from human sacrifice to self harm. As such, please look over each chapter and get the consent of your players before starting the game.

Everything you need to run the adventure is given in this book; including the monsters, npcs, magic items, new spells and other things of the same sort. However, if you want further information and player options related to the adventure, it is recommended that you have Svilland: Campaign Setting on hand.

The adventure takes place in Svilland. It begins near a lake called Freyja’s Tear in Alsvartr, moves on to the northwest of Svilland, Gurbolruhm, and ends in the depths of Helheim. The adventurers wander around the map, discover many areas and face many dangers, including monsters, social conflicts, harsh weather conditions, and wars.



This book is for mature readers. If you find the contents of the book disturbing, please do not proceed. Svilland is a dark campaign setting full of hardship and savagery, and this is reflected in the content of this book.

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