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Long before ivy grew on the walls of Miskatonic University or the Deep Ones first came to Innsmouth, centuries before the mad Arab penned the dreaded Necronomicon, the malevolent powers of Cthulhu Mythos plagued mankind. During the Age of the Antonines (96AD - 192AD) when the Roman Empire was at the peak of its power, dark and unknowable remnants of alien civilizations, foul cults practiced unholy rites, and inhuman creatures sought to mix their blood with ours.

Welcome to De Horrore Cosmico

The Vetting of Marius Asina by Jeffrey Moeller,

Doom by Chad Bowser,

Murmillo by Oscar Rios,

Kith and Kine by Phredd Groves,

The Devils Mouth by Stuart Boon,

The Case of Tertiius Orestius Sedonius by Penelope Love & Mark Morrison,

Patrone Mi Patrone-Six Patrons for Cthulhu Invictus by Stuart Boon, Phredd Groves, Jeffrey Moeller and Oscar Rios. 


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