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D-Day Dice 2nd Edition Med Pack

D-Day Dice 2nd Edition Med Pack

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A set of cards fixing Errata and adding cards to D-Day Dice: Overlord Expansion's 

WAY TO HELL/OVERLORD – Norwegian and Greek player sets: 1-2 – Naval Officer (Greece/Norway).

GOTT MIT UNS/OVERLORD – for completeness 3-4 – Radio Operator (Greece/Norway)

WAR STORIES/OVERLORD – for completeness 5-6 – Eager Officer (Greece/Norway)

OVERLORD – for completeness 7 – Norway Platoon Leader has the wrong back (should be Reserve).

GOTT MIT UNS 8-14 – Radio Operator (all factions) - Add black border around the stars.

KS Set 2017 15 – Codebook (Legendary Item: Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur). Should be called Notebook.

WAY TO HELL 16 – SHAEF Platoon Leader should have the large band for the title.

WAY TO HELL 17 – General. The cost in stars should be 5 Stars.

WAY TO HELL 18 – War Hero Ernie Pyle: Wrong back.

WAY TO HELL 19 – War Hero Robert Capa: Wrong back & rule fix

WAR STORIES 20 – Combat Photographer. Rules fix 21 – The large solo Lieutenant - Orientation fix

SPOILS OF WAR 22– Thalmann Battalion - Re-formatting 

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