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Curse of Candlelight Manor: A Whisper in the Dark GG3

Curse of Candlelight Manor: A Whisper in the Dark GG3

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Dungeon Module GG3, Curse of Candlelight Manor, is the third installment of the Sørholde saga, a planned series of continuing adventures featuring all new and original content by TSR alumn Heidi Gygax Garland and Erik Gygax Garland.

The Mission: Hali Judah, Captain of the well-known merchant ship, the Papabeydo, has contracted you and your fellow adventurers to explore and solve the mystery surrounding her familial home. Almost 20 years earlier, the house was the scene of a terrible tragedy when the entire household was murdered. The only surviving family member was 10-year-old Hali, who had been recently apprenticed to serve aboard the Papabeydo. Since that time, the house has remained mostly unoccupied. While a few have attempted to take up residence, no one stays for long. The house is now the home of something malevolent and dark, according to the rumors in Sørholde.

Captain Judah's instructions: "My position in the family requires me to maintain the old house and I've tried, but now I've returned from a 6-week sail to learn that the damned gardener has disappeared! I am sick of this damned curse! I want you to find out what is wrong with the cursed house! Don't loot it and don't burn it down! End the curse and I will pay you 1000 GP."

Both 0E and 5E Compatable

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