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Castles & Crusades I1 Death in Treklant

Castles & Crusades I1 Death in Treklant

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Journey on a wild adventure that takes you from Vakund, the Tower of the Dog, to the dungeons of Dzeebagd and beyond to Felsentheim and the Dogs of War. This is Death in the Treklant. Now in one volume, enjoy the brutal adventure that helped launch Castles & Crusades. Death in the Treklant includes three adventures, played together or separately

Vakhund: Travel south into the goblin kingdoms is always fraught with danger. So many will go only as far as the Baron’s outpost, the Vakhund, the Tower of the Dog, and reside there in safety while merchants and others fare their way further down the road. But what happens when the Vakhund is attacked by goblins, orcs and bandits? A princess is kidnapped and only a dangerous trip into the dark-infested goblin kingdoms will reveal the answer.

Dzeebagd: Journey deeper into the treacherous goblin kingdoms in search of Evanna, daughter of the House Rothenheimer. But beware or the maelstrom will drag you into the dark plots that surround her.

Why was her father assassinated? What secrets does she hold? Perhaps the answers lie below, in the dungeon beneath the ruined tower of Dzeebagd.

Felsentheim: The action-filled, epic conclusion to the Death on the Treklant! You have raised the ire of the goblin warlord, and you now flee his kingdom with parties hot on your trail. You must reach the borderland town of Felsentheim, for if you do not, no alarm will sound to harken the coming of the Dogs of War! Shall you claim the glory of heroes, or accept your doom?

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