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Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Screen

Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Screen

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The Castle Keepers Screen is a complete four panel shield for the beleaguered Castle Keeper to keep their notes, monsters, miniatures and dice well hidden from prying eyes. This screen is a single accordion style screen made of durable board and laminated for protection.

From the Player’s side: This screen sports the Jason Walton Tribute covers, as seen on the C&C Castle Keepers Guide, 3rd printing and the C&C Players Handbook, 8th printing. These paintings depict a giant efreeti coming from the sea of fire on the one hand and the ruminations of a conquering party and their treasure on the other.

From the CK’s side: This screen holds a wide range of very useful material, allowing the CK quick reference for a wide variety of circumstances.

  • Meals, Lodging, and Stabling: the prices for simple meals, a roof over the head and where to put the steed are all front and center.
  • Random Names: taken directly from the Book of Names, this sampling includes scores of names that you can build into multiple names for quick inclusion into the table.
  • Combat Maneuvers: All the combat maneuvers, from the CKG and the Players Handbook.
  • Cover: Modifiers for cover.
  • Ranged: Ranged combat modifiers.
  • Situational Mods: Prone, attacking from a moving platform and more.
  • Surprise: CL adjustments to surprise, from the time of day to where the individuals are located.
  • Impact of Negative HP: The impact of damage beyond zero and what the player character can do.
  • Time and Light: A breakdown of the increments of a round and beyond as well as the area lit by various light sources from the mundane to magic.
  • Turning Undead: All three classifications of undead and how many are affected by a successful turn.
  • Unarmed Combat: Down and dirty on the grappling rules, all updated from the Players Handbook, 8th printing.
  • Saving Throws: The screens list each type and category of saving throw and associated attribute.
  • Movement Rates: Movement can be easy or as complicated as you want it. A quick break down of the several charts with clearly defined arrows on what to do next rides the final panel.
  • Swimming and Drowning: There are swimming movement rates and the drowning rules.
  • Underground Movement: There are underground movement rates based on terrain.
  • Weather: A listing of weather and the impact of moderate, bad and severe rounds this massive info pack out.

This particular single screen departs from Troll Lord Games' previous heavy board multiple screens, is light & durable.

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