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Castles & Crusades Adventurers Backpack

Castles & Crusades Adventurers Backpack

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Unlocked Arcana

Adventurers Backpack is a book designed for the player, introducing a wealth of content to expand your player experience, but also your character’s survivability! Within you’ll find:

  • 13 new classes
  • mountains of spells for all classes
  • counter spells and spell duels
  • bandages and healing
  • a fresh easy-to-use approach to unarmed combat
  • war mounts
  • rune magic
  • a new look at pole arms.

Backpacks for Every Campaign.

But more than that, Adventurers Backpack delivers a new, innovative approach to equipment and equipping your character. There are 34 unique backpacks complete with all the equipment your character will need! Each backpack comes with cost, weight and encumbrance value. The backpacks cover it all. There are class-based backpacks for all character classes, general purpose backpacks for dungeons and overland, and special purpose packs such as the medic or dungeon mappers pack. Equipping your character was never so easy.

Backpacks for


  • Dungeon, basic and expert
  • Overland, basic and expert
  • City, basic and expert
  • Plane Travel, basic and expert
  • Cold Weather
  • Mountain
  • Desert
  • Sea Journey

Class Based

  • Fighter/Knight
  • Archer
  • Rogue/Thief/Hawker
  • Wizard/Illusionist/Magic User
  • Cleric/Paladin/Oathsworn/Warrior Priest
  • Druid/Etherborne/Primal Druid
  • Assassin
  • Barbarian/Monk/Bard
  • Ranger
  • Skald
  • Varangian
  • Spellbinder
  • Harbinger


  • Lite “Runners” Pack
  • Journeyman’s Pack
  • Spell Components Pack
  • Medic’s Pack
  • Dungeon Mapper Pack
  • Beer Brewers Pack
  • Trappers
  • Mending Pack

Adventurers Backpack brings a whole new dimension to your Castles & Crusades game!

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