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The Secret Files of Section D

The Secret Files of Section D

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A Table Top Role Playing Game powered by the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules.

Players take on the roles of agents working for the British Secret Intelligence Service, specifically Section D, which was established in early 1938. Section D goes on to be one of the building blocks of the Special Operations Executive. 

Set against the backdrop of a world in turmoil, our heroes take on missions to protect King and country. Officially tasked with spying on Fascists and Bolsheviks, a standard Section D mission typically meant photographing railway yards and water towers. Many operations were not standard though. Not by a long way. So far from standard, in fact, that their exact details remain closely guarded secrets to this day.

Written in an historically accurate manner, the book presents the world as it was at the beginning of 1938, and builds pulp tropes, espionage, and high adventure on the top. 

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