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Quintessence Role Playing Game Game System

Quintessence Role Playing Game Game System

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“Quintessence is a new setting-agnostic tabletop roleplaying* system that centres player agency & rewards creativity!

Create unique characters and custom skills in any setting you can imagine using our intuitive & robust rules framework.


What makes Quintessence different?

  • Quintessence’s simple Dice Pool framework means the better you are at something, the more dice you roll! Creativity centred Approaches + custom Perks form your pool so you can always curate your ideal method!
  • The Action! Tracker in Q revolutionises how characters interact with risky situations that demand quick decisions. Action! facilitates fluid, fast-paced scenarios and exciting risk-reward choices!
  • Create a classic hack ‘n’ slash adventure, modern horror one-shot, historical civilisation-building campaign, extraterrestrial exploration or a gothic murder mystery – one system fits all!
  • We believe players should have genuine agency in RPGs. As such there are no rigid classes or arbitrary levels. Develop and progress your characters by spending Experience Points to improve your choice of skills in line with the game’s narrative & your character’s experiences.
  • Q’s simple Perks & Quirks are 100% customisable. Outline significant traits that can improve (or setback…) your Dice Pool; tangibly centring your character’s uniqueness and eccentricity!
  • Player agency starts with unique, meaningful character creation. Q’s Lifepath centres your character’s backstory and meaningfully connects past experiences to mechanical build. Envisage your character from the off by citing their Concept, Nature & Demeanour.”
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