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Whatever Happened to Alicia Thorne?

Whatever Happened to Alicia Thorne?

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A year ago, thirty-year-old Alicia Thorne left Redd’s Bar and Grille after a few quiet drinks with casual friends. She never got home.

Public opinion then, as it remains now, is thather partner, Ben Facet, kidnapped and murdered her. A recluse who collects strange books and manuscripts, Ben has been the focus of police attention and local suspicion. Can the investigators find Alicia’s body and the evidence needed to bring Ben Facet to justice?

‘Whatever Happened To Alicia Thorne?’ is a Modern-Day scenario is set in Milo, Maine and is suitable for 2-6 investigators, but also lends  itself well to a single investigator (plus a Keeper).

It deals with the sensitive subject of suicide and is meant for mature audiences only. If you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please remember that good people stand ready to help you through it. Please, please consult services that can help in your area.

Please note this is a Print On Demand Product

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