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The Things We Leave Behind

The Things We Leave Behind

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Customers are advised that contents of this book include themes of disease, infection, and contamination that may upset the reader (and players).

An ENnie award winning anthology of 6 modern day scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game published by Chaosium, Inc, edited by Jeff Moeller and written by Brian M. Sammons, Scott Dorward, Simon Brake, Oscar Rios, and Jeff Moeller, with art by Davide Como, Badger McInnes, Dean Engelhardt, and Stephanie McAlea.

Taking its inspirational cues from Delta GreenFargoBlood Simple, and True Detective, the book takes a mature look at the horror of human nature and its ability to be just as disturbing as anything from the Mythos. 

Six Adventures into Horror and the Unknown

  • Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home, by Jeff Moeller. The investigators search for an abducted child in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, where time becomes a serious concern.
  • Forget Me Not, by Brian M. Sammons.  An accident in a TV truck in rural Michigan sees the investigators awake in a ditch with no recollection of how they got there.
  • Roots, by Simon Brake. Inquiries into a missing teen will teach the investigators that some mid-west communities prefer to be left alone.
  • Hell in Texas, by Scott Dorward. After a suicide at a church's east Texas Halloween haunted house, strange events threaten the lives and sanity of all those in the vicinity, including the investigators.
  • The Night Season, by Jeff Moeller, shows that fandom in Anchorage, Alaska, can go too far when reality begins to shift.

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