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The Strange Case of the Shadow Traveller

The Strange Case of the Shadow Traveller

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A one-to-two night scenario for the Chaosium's 7th edition Call of Cthulhu Gaslight setting, able to be used in conjunction with Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure,  or as a standalone Victorian-era investigation. 

The Case of the Shadow Traveller

The London Spiritualist Society is an austere and respected group which has been active for several decades, attracting many with an interest in the growing spiritualist movement of the Victorian era. Their main membership ranges from those with an interest in discovering the occult, to young socialites seeking a thrill. The Investigators start as either members or associates of the society.

They have been hired by the management to investigate an incident that occured three weeks prior which left one of the junior members dead and another institutionalised. The society’s manager, Lord Henry Walters, believes that several of the junior members conspired to summon a malevolent spirit, and fears that if word gets out then the reputation of the society will be damaged. The investigators then have a singular goal: ensure that the reputation of the society is maintained while putting an end to any suspicion of impropriety.

Laid out like one of the popular Victoria-era Penny Dreadfuls, the scenario is supported by handouts, maps, and introduces NPCs and one new Mythos creature. 
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