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The Chronicles of Aeres

The Chronicles of Aeres

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The Chronicles of Aeres is an unofficial, high fantasy world and campaign setting compatible with 5th Edition. It's a world packed with nostalgia for the golden age of fantasy media and RPGs, from Tolkien to Dragonlance to the Dark Crystal and beyond. Over 20 years ago, in high school, we started playing this game, and Aeres was our homebrew world. Now, we wanted to take those old-school fantasy sensibilities and smash them head-long into a modern 5th Edition universe!  

The handbook contains everything you need to create a fleshed out character or an action-packed adventure within the setting. The Chronicles of Aeres is a full-fledged setting guide, with everything from fairy tale-like races, NPCs, classes, and destinations all adhering to a cohesive theme and overarching story. Contained within, you'll find: 

  • 350+ pages of content with full color illustrations from over 20 talented artists.
  • 18 fleshed out races and cultures--including new twists on familiar tropes, from rune-powered dwarfs, adventurous ratfolk, mysterious kobolds, and more.
  • 3 new player classes based on mythology--the Witch, the Dreamcaller, and the Alchemist.
  • A pantheon of colorful and fascinating gods and goddesses, offering new gameplay elements and systems to explore.
  • An extensive history and lore of the realm, including a complete gazetteer and a full roster of NPCs, monsters, heroes, villains, and organisations, all geared with new story and gameplay hooks in mind.
  • Pre-written scenarios to help launch you directly into the game, or to help GMs springboard into longer campaigns.

(Aeres is a heroic setting. Some of the gameplay elements we present within this book exceed the power level of official material, and this is intentional. We hope you find these new features fun and exciting.)

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