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Terror of Octobernomicon

Terror of Octobernomicon

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Terror of Octobernomicon is a collection of seven original adventures by new authors, mentored by Ennie Award-winning authors Matt Wiseman and Oscar Rios. Each adventure features an original creature selected from the Octobernomicon collection on, which lists a new monster every day during the month of October. There are four classic 1920s scenarios, one Down Darker Trails scenario (Old West), and one Cthulhu Invictus scenario (Ancient Roman Empire).

Includes the following scenarios:

  • "Currency of Grief" by Daniel Purcell
  • "Suspended Pending Resolution" by Francesca McMahon
  • "Accounts of Violence" by Marek Golonka
  • "The Hounds of Sekhmet" by Helen Yau
  • "Sun and Shadow" by Walter Attridge
  • "He’s a Lowdown, Dirty Owlhoot" by William Adcock
  • "The Expedition" by Morgan Llewellyn
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