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StokerVerse Quickstart

StokerVerse Quickstart

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The StokerVerse Roleplaying Game Quick Start is a 70-page introduction to the StokerVerse. It follows the ethos of other Nightfall Games Quickstarts, such as those for The Terminator RPG and SLA Industries, in introducing the players to the rules that have been designed specifically for the StokerVerse RPG, based on Nightfall Games’ very own S5S system. The quickstart contains:

  • An adventure, "Dracula's Empire," broken down into eight scenes, partly to provide a natural rest point for gaming sessions and partly to make life easier for the Author (gamesmaster) in preparing and learning the plot and its details. However, a session can be as long or as short as your time allows and several chapters of the adventure may be played in one gaming session.
    • Each chapter has been subdivided into sections to further assist the person running the game. The sections detail the overview of the events ‘synopsis’. The ‘supporting cast’ are persons of interest in that portion of the story. There is also ‘For the Author’ - insights and information intended purely for the gamesmaster, hidden details, further information the players might uncover, and to provide them notes from which they can elaborate as they see fit to the players.
  • This Quickstart uses a cut down version of the Nightfall Games S5S system, which has been specially tailored for the StokerVerse Roleplaying Game:
    • Skill List and Descriptions (more skills will be included in the Core Rulebook).
    • Skill Tests: the basic conflict resolution mechanic of the S5S system.
    • Combat: initiative, attacking, defending, armor, hit points, impairments, healing, etc. (Medical care is covered in greater detail in the Core Rulebook).
    • Traits: add to the roleplaying element of a character's personality. Each trait either grants or costs a number of points.
    • Equipment
    • The Nature of the Occult World & its Secrets: the Stokerverse is a place of horror and mystery. Demonic entities abound as do curses and all manner of occultism.
    • Pre-generated characters (the main rules will include a chapter on character creation)
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