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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Horror Companion

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Horror Companion

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 The 200-page hardcover Horror Companion  updates the original Horror Companion to be completely compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Inside includes:

New Character options, including Edges, Hindrances and options to become the monster and play a creature of supernatural origins. 

Narrative Lodge rules! build a base of operations for you intrepid band. Upgrade and maintain it over the course of their investigations and deal with an array of blood-chilling events & obstacles.

New Setting rules reflect the unique troupes of horror gaming and suggested Setting Rules to recreate different styles of spine-tingling stories including expanded fear effects.

A selection of horrific Arcane items each with a haunted history. Some may be rewards discovered in the course of an investigation while others may be a powerful relic leading the group into danger.

New Arcane Backgrounds and Powers that expanded the supernatural options for your chosen realm of horror.

An extensive Bestiary featuring dozens of monsters from all kinds of horror tales.Also included is a section on bringing the unknown terrors of the Cthulhu Mythos to your savage worlds.

So gather your courage, light a candle and prepare to face your worst nightmares. the horror Companion for Savage Worlds will leave you screaming for more!


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