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Rectify + Player's Journal

Rectify + Player's Journal

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In life, you were evil. In someone’s eyes at least. A killer. A criminal. A fraudster. A thief. A dealer. You hurt people. Maybe those close to you. Maybe total strangers. Whatever you’ve done and whoever you hurt, deep down, you know you’ve done wrong.

Now you’re paying the price.

What is Rectify?

Rectify is an immersive solo roleplaying experience about facing death and atoning for the wrongs of an ill-spent life.

Note we used the word ‘experience’, rather than game - through a combination of narrative journaling, sensory deprivation, mindfulness (ish) and physical actions, the ‘player’ is presented with an experience that may be dark and uncomfortable, but also enlightening and exhilarating.

In Rectify, the player and their character are inexplicably connected, allowing physical experiences of the player to directly affect the outcomes of trials faced by their character. What does this mean? Well, depending on the trial you may be called to fill your mouth with ice cubes to hold them there until they melt, or maybe head out into a public place and shout something motivational at the top of your voice, or maybe even call an ex-lover or lost friend and apologise for your mistakes. Of course, such 'pledges' are optional, but without your actions, will your character rectify?

IMPORTANT: The content found in Rectify is considered adult in nature and is not intended for younger gamers or those who are easily overtaken by the darker side of their own thoughts.

Rectify features stunningly macabre hand drawn artwork from Albanus Design.

When presented with the five trials of hell, will you rectify, or be forever lost to an eternity of fear and agony?

Every copy of Rectify ships with a Player’s Journal for recording your game session. Additional journals are also available separately.

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