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Occam's Razor Softback Edition

Occam's Razor Softback Edition

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- An Anthology of Modern Day Call of Cthulhu Scenarios

Brian M. Sammons presents seven Call of Cthulhu scenarios in a hardback book, all with mundane solutions...the simplest answer is usually the right answer. However, each also contains a Must-Have Mythos section that provides Mythos solutions to the investigation as well. 

Seven Modern-Era Adventures of Mystery and Death

  • A Whole Pack of Trouble - a group of film students have gone missing while shooting a found-footage style movie over college break. 
  • Eye of the Beholder - five days ago, a young woman disappeared while working on an art project.
  • Frozen Footsteps - A Wendigo-obsessed professor heads off to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for some rare (for him) fieldwork and discovers far more than he bargained for.
  • Dark and Deep - A snuff film is making the rounds in which a woman is mauled to death by a Deep One. Are the film's establishing shots enough to track down the lighthouse was filmed at and get to the bottom of things?
  • Visions from Beyond - A late-night voicemail left by a friend/relative in need of immediate help followed by them not answering their phone 
  • The Watchers - the investigators are contacted by a single woman who lives alone and is being watched by unknown people.
  • A Cleansing Flame - Bodies are being discovered, burned to death, with no known fire starter/accelerant present.
These scenarios are supported by 8 handouts, 6 maps by Guillaume Tavernier, over 25 NPCs, and almost 10 monsters, a 7-page modern newspaper to mine for future scenario seeds (some of which reference past Stygian Fox titles, and 6 pre-generated investigators to get your group playing fast.)
Note this is a Softback edition.
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