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Mindjammer: The Enhanced Commonality Space Schematic (Poster Map)

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The New Commonality of Humankind is a sphere of stars 3000 light years in diameter, centered upon the solar system of Manhome and Old Earth. Comprising 27 sectors of one hundred thousand worlds, it's the greatest civilisation humankind has ever known.

The Enhanced Commonality Space Schematic is a starmap of Commonality Space, showcasing its stellar regions, sector capitals, fargates, capitals, and more. Now presented in updated and enhanced format, this gorgeous poster map and digital file suite is the perfect compliment to your Mindjammer game. It contains:

-Schematic depiction of the Core Worlds and the 26 other sectors of Commonality Space.
-Illustrations of key stellar regions, capitals, and fargate locations.
-Enhanced with illustrations of key worlds and intriguing data schematics of Commonality Space.
-Comes in hi-res TIF and PDF format, and also a JPEG Desktop Wallpaper.

Plan your journeys through the New Commonality of Humankind. Look beyond to the Fringe Worlds and the Frontier. Explore! 

The Enhanced Commonality Space Schematic is a single large illustration depicting Commonality Space, an updated and enhanced version (with additional content) of the schematic presented in the Mindjammer core rulebook and Player's Guide.