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Kingdom of Azadmere

Kingdom of Azadmere

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Azadmere is the only remaining kingdom of Khuzdul (dwarves) on Hârn. Located high in the Sorkin Mountains of eastern Hârn, the kingdom is centered on the city of Azadmere and Lake Arain. Founded more than 7,000 years ago, it is now ruled by King Hazmadul III of Clan Tarazakh.

The capital city of Azadmere is an impressive walled settlement with a moat, stout double walls, and prominent towers. The Outer City lies between Lake Arain and a massive cliff. The workshops of most of the city's craftsmen are located here, as are the homes of its human residents. The Inner City is carved into the rock of the mountain. Its extensive chambers and passages are home to Khuzdul; very few humans are permitted access here. Tunnels lead to the mines of iron, silver, gold, and gems, and to the Godstone that sits at the heart of the mountain.

The kingdom's culture is a unique hybrid of Khuzan and human customs. While almost all Khuzdul live in the city, the human population is centered around the settlement of Habe and the manors that provide much of the kingdom's food. Baron Gyndael Kophar rules with little interference from the king.

The Khuzdul have a strong enmity for the gargun (orcs) that infest the surrounding mountains. In addition to the city's fortifications, the kingdom is protected by the formidable fortress of Zerhun and a ring of smaller forts strategically placed to guard the mountain passes.

Kingdom of Azadmere is supplemented by other Columbia Games publications, including maps, castles, keeps, and adventure sites to give GMs and players unending possibilities for adventure.

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