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Harnworld 40th Anniversary Edition

Harnworld 40th Anniversary Edition

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40th-anniversary limited edition deluxe HARDCOVER of the classic fantasy role-playing setting, rich with authentic medieval detail and bonus material. Over 300 pages of full color.

HârnWorld is a detailed, realistic, flexible, and system-neutral setting for fantasy role-playing games. Since 1983, HârnWorld has been used by thousands of people across the world to run a wide array of medieval fantasy adventures. HârnWorld can accommodate whatever style of campaign you are looking for, whether your player characters are knights, mages, barbarians, clerics, noble lords, mercenaries, gladiators, craftsmen, merchants, thieves or even simple peasants yearning for adventure.

A Hardcover Book with HarnWorld, Harndex, Lythia, Kethira, and 2 full color maps. 

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