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DiTiC is a tile placement and dice-pawn movement game for 2-4 players.

Combine pawns to level them up and be the first to create a level 6 die. Dice are generated when 4 tile corners meet, aim to place you own colours together. The majority colour generates a die of value equal to the number of that colour segments in the quadrant. Each tile is unique and all possible combinations of coloured corners are represented once. Tiles are double sided and each colour is balanced to have the same odds of drawing a tile with its colour on both sides, one side or none at all! There is also a custom 'action die' that comes into play once a player has generated a die.

DiTiC plays a bit like chess for 2-4 players. Each level die has its own unique attributes and the game can get quite strategic. 2 players can get through a round in 15 minutes.

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