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D-Day Dice: Pocket Deluxe

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D-Day Dice Pocket is a standalone game using the same RWB mechanic of D-Day Dice. It includes two mini games in one small box!

"D-Day Dice Battle!" is a dice-rolling, competitive push-your-luck game for any number of players, where you must match the enemy forces die for die. While doing so, you can earn medals to influence your rolls... or hinder the rolls of the others!

"D-Day Dice Express!" is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, where everyone must work together to invade the beaches of Normandy. Fighting in increasingly harder conditions on 6 different beaches, players must rally specialists to defeat the German defences.

Also included are special rules to include the grey dice into your regular D-Day Dice game.

This box includes

  • 13 dice,
  • 9 medal/specialist cards,
  • 12 Oversized Cards for Advanced Play
  • 1 special black die, "The Kommandant", which brings an extra layer of difficulty to both games.
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • Deluxe Dice Bag

*Note these are the last remaining few from the Reinforcments Kickstarter and when they are gone will not be replaced.*