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Cthulhu Invictus: Britannia & Beyond

Cthulhu Invictus: Britannia & Beyond

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Britannia & Beyond

A Setting Guide to the Province of Britannia and the Barbarian Lands of Caledonia and Hibernia For Cthulhu Invictus.

Written by Stuart Boon, with William Adcock, Fred Norton, Oscar Rios, and Richard Watts. Edited by Jeffrey Moeller, Lisa Padol, and Matthew Pook. Art by Alberto Guerra and Mark Shireman. Maps by Alyssa Faden and Gregory Shipp.

Thousands of miles from the city of Rome, across the roiling, icy waters of the western sea, lies the edge of the empire. Here the province of Britannia stands, at the very end of the known world! To the north, beyond a great fortified wall, lies the great and terrible lands of Caledonia, home to savage painted barbarians. Further west, across a narrow stretch of ocean, lies the green and mysterious lands of Hibernia. Throughout all these lands, from the civilised urban centres of the south to the wild war-torn regions of the north, over the wall or across the sea, peril lurks in every shadow. In ancient forests and atop lonely mountains, beneath the surface of misty lakes and treacherous bogs, or masquerading as our neighbours, the Great Old Ones rise, freed from the bonds placed over them by the now shattered druidic order. But they are not the only danger in this far off land, for it is said that a race of selfish, meddling beings crosses the veil between worlds, to pursue their own agenda in our world of iron, and they are not our friends.

Join Dexia, the Vestal Virgin; Rufus, the centurion; Zosimos, the scholar; and Brita their faithful hound as they travel these lands on their latest adventure.

Britannia and Beyond features everything you need to take your Cthulhu Invictus game to the lands of Britannia (Britain and Wales), Caledonia (Scotland), and Hibernia (Ireland). Fourteen chapters feature everything from history, daily life & culture, economy & geography, the Celtic people of the region, urban centres, the druids, the mysterious sídhe, the native wildlife and alien eldritch horrors, folklore, cults, patrons, secret societies, the major Mythos threats of these lands with a focus on those dwelling along the Sabrina River (later to be known as the Severn Valley), and a pair of scenarios, The Long Dark and A Mortals Harvest.


Content Warning Potentially disturbing. content includes institutionalised slavery, genocide, imperialism,religious persecution, racism, classism, abduction, magical coercion and implicit sexual interaction that would be inappropriate  by today's standards*

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